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Harry Potter: I like him. He's actually handled very well, complete with developing a complex where he's convinced he has to be the one to do everything because LOOK AT HIS FIRST FOUR YEARS OF SCHOOL! THAT'S MORE THAN HALF THE SERIES!

Ships: Ginny/Harry (duh) Hermione/Harry (Fight me) Luna/Harry (... Idek why)

Non Romantic ships: Everyone who isn't a romantic ship. /mike drop

Unpopular opinion: Scroll down to him and Cho Chang. Let's see what else... I think he's still overrated as a protagonist, like he's still not even in my top 10 or 20 favorite characters in this series. I like him, but he's got some serious problems aside from just... his life. :|

Thing I wish happened: Harry befriending more snakes, or learning to be an animagus.

Ginny Weasley: She's adorable, smart, witty, and honestly? A little *too* good for Harry. Like he's so oblivious to her because she's a year younger that I wanted to smack him upside the head and be like "YOU'RE INTERESTED IN HER NOW?! FUCK! So... yeah...

Ships: Ginny/Harry (More because Ginny wants him than Harry deserves her), Ginny/Hermione (What? They're cute >_>) Ginny/a guy that appreciates her more.

Non Romantic ships: Ginny/Collin (They make funny friends), Ginny/Neville, Ginny/Hermione (Yes I ship both ways, fight me.)


Cho Chang: Get out. I hate this character and SHE made me hate Harry Potter. -_- Like the introduction of her as a love interest for Harry is what made me start to dislike this series, because she was CLEARLY not all that into Harry to start off with. THEN they DO start going out and it falls apart and I'm just.... aaaaaargh... such a ball of hate. I'm sorry, I know several of my friends like this character, and to them I can only say... I don't.

Ships: Cedric/Cho Chang and that's literally it. That's when she was happy, that's when she was a good character, and I REALLY feel JK just got fucking trigger happy with killing off her characters.

Non romantic ships: Harry/Cho Chang surprisingly. They make pretty good friends! Like when she was at the DD meetings? That seemed like a better friendship kind of thing than a girlfriend thing... and then of course she just HAD to have one of her friends BETRAY THEM ALL TO UMBRIDGE! AND JUST-... I'm okay...

Unpopular Opinions: All of my opinions? That I think her and Harry is probably the worst thing to ever HAPPEN to this series? I have too many things to list.

Things I wish happened: We got to see more of her in Cedric in the 4th or earlier books when she was less of an obnoxious character and just Harry's "I WANT THIS GIRL" character. -_- I have a lot of unresolved hate with this series, I'm sorry.

Cedric Diggory: This may come as a surprise but... I actually REALLY liked Cedric! He was cool! He was like... what you'd expect from an upperclassman! He worked really hard at everything he did, and he came up with a really creative way to battle a dragon pretty much on the spot. He was kind of everything Hogwarts looks for in its students and he really deserved his place in the tri-wizard tournament. He did the Hufflepuff name proud, and gdi I think JK killed him off JUST so that Harry could be with Cho Chang and it pisses me off! >:| (That and she probably had no idea what she'd do with him alive.)

Romantic ships: Cedric/Cho Chang (duh)

Non romantic ships: Cedric/Harry And I actually ship this bro-mance harder than I ship Cedric/Cho Chang, because the two of them respected one another, they challenged one another, they both came to realize just how human and equal they were and they saved each other time and again. Of all of the rivals becoming friends in this story, I think I liked Cedric and Harry most.

Unpopular opinion: ... Probably that whole thing I mentioned about why I think JK killed him >_> Or just that I like him so much... or um... stuff? Oh I know a good unpopular opinion! I think Cedric ALSO was too good for Cho Chang... that's right I went there. Huh... now I wonder how Ginny/Cedric would have gone :| /slaps self.


Lupin III: FINALLY we're done with Harry Potter! RIP you poor sods. Lupin... Well he's hilarious and goofy, and he's got that same weird rapey perv vibe as Ataru but in a more likable way... which sounds weird as heck, but it's Lupin, whatcha gonna do?

Romantic Ships: Lupin/Fujiko, Lupin/Clarise

Non Romatnic ships: Lupin/Goemon, Lupin/Pops, Lupin/Stupidity

Unpopular Opinion: Ummm... uhhh... what are even the popular opinions? IDK THIS FANDOM WELL ENOUGH! How about... he's voiced best in the abridged version?

Things I'd like to see happen: Him and Fujiko having a kid. JUST TO MAKE EVERYONE EVER GO "HOW/WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!"

Zenigatta: Pops, Pops, Pops... How I pity you. You need a life old friend. Like seriously... you're so obsessed with Lupin that even when Fujiko's bare breasts are in front of you you're not even phased. You're so obsessed you started hallucinating him, and the one time you had him in prison for two years before he was about to be executed, you were just... depressed pretty much the whole time. It's like your life revolves around merely CHASING Lupin and catching him for a few moments, rather than putting him behind bards.

Ships: Fujiko/Zenigatta Well... it's pretty much the only one he's got because I wouldn't torture him enough to throw him with Lupin.

Non Romantic Ships: Again with Fujiko because... there's actually very little romance to their relationship :| They're more like fuck buddies who conspire together now and then, and often work against one another.


Thing I wish happened: Him and Lupin being forced to perform in a Mariachi band together... which knowing this show, probably did happen and I just don't know it.

Fujiko Wait... you're making me do the ENTIRE Lupin cast?! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?! (/just realized.) Okay Fujiko... she's hot, she's clever, and... she's a total bitch and a half. I mean don't get me wrong, she's pretty awesome, but she's just so treacherous with pretty much... every team she works for. Her only real loyalty is to herself because of all the things she's been through, and I don't know whether or not that makes her more or less likable of a character. I think I like her most when she's working with Zenigatta or the law, but at the same time I sort of ship her with Lupin so... my feelings with her are complicated... and also I feel the same way Jigen does when he says he's gonna be sick when she and Lupin start being all lovey dovey when he saves her rather than the treasure. Just saying... Fujiko... IDK how to feel about you.

Romantic Ships: Fujiko/Lupin, Fujiko/Pops, Fujiko/Goemon, Fujiko/Money, Fujiko/Monsters, Fujiko/Animals, Fujiko... shit... Fujiko you've got weird tastes. o_O

Non Romantic Ships: Fujiko/Pops (Like I said, the romance is mostly gone) and Fujiko/Jigen as love/hate friends, cause the two of them don't really get along at ALL in my opinion. xD

Unpopular Opinion: I enjoy Fujiko's constant near rapings :| /BRING OUT THE ANGRY MOB! MOOSEY'S AT IT AGAIN!

Thing I wish happened: Pregnant Fujiko. I'm just saying, the girl doesn't ACTUALLY put out, she just FLIRTS with sex most of the time without actually committing, so seeing her pregnant would fill me with hysterical glee.

Goemon: I... Uh... Oh boy. Goemon is SO complicated... he's a mythical Samurai in modern day society, and uses his sword for some of the STUPIDEST things! Like... what even would his ancestors think of him using his sword the way he does? That aside, he is a good straight-man to all of the comical wtfery that is Lupin, and provides a different form of it than Jigen delivers. He's probably more loyal to Lupin than Fujiko is, which isn't really saying all that much in the grand scheme of things. He's got that great Japanese sense of honor, the bushido code... but uh... that's about all I can think of.

Romantic Ships: Fujiko/Goemon? I mean... it could happen, right? Okay not BLOODY LIKELY, but it'd probably be sort of cute? ... And then there's that treacherous bitch Kikyo from that one movie... that's... sort of a ship? Goemon/Chastity. Let's just keep him celibate for life.

Non-romantic ships: Goemon/Lupin, Goemon/Jigen

Things I wish happened: Umm... Goemon dueling someone using Excalibur. I mean seriously, Zantetsuken VS Excalibur should be a thing!

Jigen God dang I love this guy. He's easily the most loyal, chill, bff character this series has, he wears that awesome fedora, he keeps his eyes hidden all the time, and he can shoot like Vash the stampede. Like... holy cow this guy is AMAZING. He's almost ALWAYS got Lupin's back, even in the STUPIDEST of his stuff, and it's just... freaking glorious. He also calls it like it is, and isn't afraid to say whatever the hell he wants.

Romantic ships: Is this even a thing for Jigen? I mean... the closest I got is Jigen/Lupin and I don't really do gay ships too often... but I think I might be willing to see it for them? Like... damn Jigen is one hell of a bro to that guy.

Non Romantic: Jigen/Lupin (bros 4 life) Jigen/Fujiko (I hate you/I hate you) Jigen/Goemon (Welcome to the henchman club)

Unpopular Opinion: Jigen, you're great, and I'm gonna let you finish, but Vash the stampede is the greatest gunman of all time. OF ALL TIME!

One thing I wish happened: Dude needs some more romance options in his life :| I mean damn... the only real romance option I see for him is LUPIN and that's just sad since they're both straight. :|

Sam Malone: I'm finally finished with the Lupin cast... hoooooraay /falls over dead. Sammy, Sammy, Sammy. He really DOES make Cheers, Cheers. Like the ONE episode of Frasier that Sammy is in is the episode that is most like an episode of Cheers. EVEN MORESO than the episode that had THE MOST CAST MEMBERS FROM CHEERS IN IT! It's like the world of Cheers revolves around Mayday Malone, and that's the way it should be. He's the hero of the common man, a man who may not be the brightest, or the best educated, but he's got charm, he had an alcohol problem that he beat, and he manages to own and run his own bar which most people with his level of knowledge and education would struggle way more with. Plus he's actually a really damn good pitcher if he's able to get right back into things.

Romantic ships: Sam/Cheers (the bar) that's a really touching love story right there. Sam/Dianne Yeah... I still kind of have a guilty pleasure for this torture of a relationship the two have, because they probably would have made a decent husband and wife couple from the future they showed in that one episode. Sam/all the ladies who can handle him. Seriously, some girls just can't handle the kind of love 'em and leave 'em kind of guy Sammy often can be. :| I like him most when he's actually trying to give his all for relationships because he's actually pretty cute when he does, and he's kind of a really old fashioned stud. Sam Malone, I salute you. o7

Non Romantic Ships: Sammy/Carla They make a sort of funny romantic ship, but they don't quite work because Sammy could never survive it even as a professional athlete. I mean look at Eddie, he was a HOCKEY professional athlete and his marriage killed him. xD But I digress. Sammy/Frasier, THAT is probably the best bro-mance in the series, brought about by their mutual love/hate for Dianne Chambers... ahhh, what a beautiful thing. Sammy/Norm, "Boy walks into a bar, Boy orders drink from bartender, boy buys another beer."

Unpopular Opinion: Sammy was way too good for Rebecca. Like seriously... he needed to raise his standards.

Something I wished happened: Sammy getting to have his son. I mean COME ON FRASIER SHOW! Why not let Sammy have some sort of happy ending close to what he was originally hoping for?

Dianne Chambers: Oh Dianne Chambers... where do I even begin with you? You're an idiot. You have all the pseudo-intelligence of an ivy league graduate, yet for all your vaunted knowledge you fail to apply it in any of the places where it's important. You fail at judging people much of the time, you suck the fun out of most situations until the others can finally get you to loosen up, and you left Frasier AND Sammy. Just... damn girl. What the hell is wrong with you, you crazy woman? No really... what is her psychiatric diagnosis? Now to be fair, she's cute, she tries to do the right thing most of the time, she's not the worst character even in this show, and she's a really fun character for the others to hate.

Ships: Sam/Dianne ... Really I think that's the only person besides HERSELF that she can truly be happy with. I pity her so much because she's just... so... stupid. I mean she can chase Sam around in circles when it comes to word play, but when it comes to major life decisions? Sam is the one who has it together where Dianne is like a distracted poodle.

Non romantic ships: Coach/Dianne these two were absolutely adorable friends :3 RIP Coach.

Unpopular Opinion: Dianne was an infinitely better character than Rebecca

Thing I wish happened: I REALLY wish Shelly (the actress) had been able to stay on, because I think it would have meant Dianne as a character could have actually matured and not been such a psychopathic ditz, but alas. It also would have been really interesting to see Sammy married for the rest of Cheers, because it would have been a pretty different dynamic, and we might even have gotten to see the two of them with kids.

Frasier Crane: Ohhh Frasier... you are without doubt the best character in Cheers, and surprisingly not quite in my top 5 for your own show. How do you do that when I like Cheers more than Frasier? Well probably the main reason for it is because in Cheers Frasier is the most sane and rational character in the show (which is kind of crazy since he threatens suicide at one point and has a few mental breakdowns), whereas in Frasier he's surrounded by characters that are often more sane and rational than him. He's usually the mad eccentric one with a sort of posh whimsy in Frasier, which does make him likable but not THE most likable. It's amazing watching Frasier's transformation from well respected psychiatrist, to crazy drunk, back to well respected psychiatrist, to alcoholic father, to no longer respected psychiatrist, to I NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS CITY NOW THAT MY CRAZY WIFE HAS LEFT ME! AAAAAAAA! Oh Frasier, I love you buddy, and I hope that wherever you go in the grand scheme of this storyline, you're doing better than the madman you can be.

Ships: WHERE THE HELL DO I EVEN BEGIN?! Frasier/1st ex (Nannie G) Frasier/Lilith (OTP) Frasier/Rebecca (He's probably the only person who could make a respectable woman out of her), Frasier/Half the girls he's dated, Frasier/Rozz (They're cute, okay?) Frasier/Dianne in just ONE episode. The only episode I shipped him with her was the Snipe hunt, and it was fantastic.

Non romantic ships: MY HANDS ARE TIRED T_T Frasier/Carla, Frasier/Cliff, Frasier/Sam, Frasier/Niles, Frasier/Martin, Frasier/Agent, Frasier/Dianne (Because he clearly should have killed her when he had the chance), Frasier/Rozz, Frasier/idek anymore.

Unpopular Opinion: He and Lilith should have stayed married for the show Frasier, and have it be about them raising their son.

Thing I wish I saw happen: Him and Nanny G hooking up sooner. Like daaaaamn that lady was thirty for him in Cheers, the episode she comes back in Frasier should've been WAAAAAY sooner. I also wish my unpopular opinion could've happened but alas.


Frederick: Dude... you need to take more relaxation lessons from Lissa. Like... you are wound up way too tight, and are waaaaay too obsessed with your lord. I like him, but his dedication is... downright daunting. Like... Tharja should learn a thing or two about your levels of devotion if she's as obsessed with Robin as she thinks she is. (Clearly we know who the true stalker is)

Ships: Freddy/Lissa, Freddy/Cherche, Freddy/Sumia, Freddy/Maribelle

Non romantic ships: Chrom/Freddy, Jakob/Freddy (Butler bros for life), Henry/Freddy (Maybe you can make him slightly more sane, gooooood luck buddy.)

Unpopular Opinion: He sucks as a cavalry unit in FE:H :|

One thing I wish happened: I wish he got to be in the seaside resort outfit in FE:A, but hey FE:H isn't bad!

Chrom: Honestly? He's... kind of boring. No offense, but he always struck me as a bit too... blah. Don't get me wrong, I feel for him, I still kind of like him, but I don't really see why people adore him so much compared to some of the other FE people or lords. His personality is a little lacking apart from him being shy and awkward in certain moments.

Ships: Chrom/Sumia for life y'all. Chrom/Robin, Chrom/Fem-Robin (Yes, I ship him more with Male Robin.), Chrom/Olivia, Chrom/Maribelle, Chrom/Random Village girl, and YES Chrom/Cordelia (fight me, I'm a trash shipper, and strangely enough don't ship him and Sully.)

Non romantic ships: Chrom/Freddy, Chrom/Vaike, Chrom/Donnel, Chrom/Ricken, Chrom/Sully, Chrom/Lissa, Chrom/Emm, Chrom/Anna, Chrom/Lucina, Chrom/... people.

Unpopular Opinion: Other than that I find him boring? Well... I think Cordelia can probably do better and that the game designers were screwed up to even bother giving her this 'fatal flaw' when being a perfectionist is enough of one to begin with. Oh that's right CC, I went there. Cordelia is the one that deserves better than Chrom. /fights off the booing crowd.

Thing I wish could have happened: Chrom/Cordelia... just to shut up the fandom. Chrom in Super smash (he may be boring, but he still should have been in there.) aaaaand... Chrom dueling Gangrel Cinematic.
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Ever want to do something with one of my muses, but you just don't know how, who, where, when, or why? Well trouble yourself no further! For all your meme purposes heeeeeere's my muselist!

You're limited to 2 characters at any one given time unless discussed beforehand, and if you're looking for some sort of threesome my muses don't always get along. I DON'T WANT THIS TO BE NOTHING BUT SMUT! Build up into it, or give me something to work with and you've got a much better chance.

LEAVE THE NAME OF THE MUSE YOU WANT AND THE PROMPTS IN THE SUBJECT LINE!  Unless you don't use a prompt, then you just put the character you're looking for.

Now for your wining, dining, and whatever other purposes, heeeere's some pompts!

Prooompts... )
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This is an illness that has haunted me all my life,
Turning joy to sorrow, causing both fear and strife,
It began with my father when I was about four,
It continued with my sister, who I utterly adore,
It's an illness that's embedded in my family tree,
Yet little had I known, it would come after me.

I don't really know what to think of my days,
Sometimes I feel lazy, or like I'm wasting away,
What can you say when you have so many plans,
And they all turn to dust in the palm of your hands?
I try to hide from the horror of it all,
Yet I have to face it sometime or suffer a fall,

I can fall while I'm standing which does kind of hurt,
I could fall while I'm working, and spill things on my shirt,
Yet the fall I refer to is not of this kind,
The fall I'm referring to is a fall of the mind.

What do you do when you're faced with the truth?
Your life is restricted, you're old while a youth.
My friends are all out there living their lives,
Building up families, finding husbands or wives,

What's the use in speculating what might have been?
Is it better to forget it, just bear it and grin?
Am I hiding my pain? What else can I do?
Sit here and cry, be moody and stew?

I don't know what I'm doing, I've given up on old dreams,
I try to craft new ones, but it fills me with screams,
How arrogant am I to be angry with my state?
When so many out there have much worse a fate?

Yet I wish I could trade with them sometimes I think,
Perhaps then I'd appreciate being this close to the brink,
I feel I'm unworthy of all this love and care,
Yet I know how much worse it is when I am not there,

So I lie here in limbo, awaiting the day,
When a cure can be found and I'm off on my way,
To fly to heights greater than most men can dream,
I hope that I'll see it... because right now... I scream.
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1. How and why did you get into League of Legends?
2. How often do you play? Do you consider yourself casual or hardcore?
3. How do you feel about casual vs hardcore? Do you believe that the game is trying to turn players hardcore in a way?
4. Do you feel yourself being absorbed into the game, often ignoring things happening outside of it? Why?
5. Do you prioritize winning, or having fun, or do you only see them both as one and the same? Why?
6. Do you utilize any builds/strategies when playing?
7. What spoils that fun and why?
8. Can you tolerate dealing with new players/strangers, or do you prefer to play with friends? Why?
9. Are you more into the game for the story, for simply playing, or for rankings?
10. If you are a player that plays for ranks, why?
11. What is your opinion on the e-sport movement that has been going on, like the tournaments? What about Korean boot camps?
12. What do you think about the matchmaking system in the game?
13. Do you think the game is perfectly balanced? This includes player levels, runes, champions, masteries, and summoner spells. Example: I notice a lot of players stick with Flash.
14. What kind of additions would you like to see come out of the lore within the game? If there was a mode that focused on the lore/personal stories of the characters, would you be inclined to play that more?
15. Personal additional comments:

1. A friend of mine recruited me to play.

2. I'd consider myself... fairly hardcore? I play almost daily, usually about 3 or 4 hours a day at times, but I'm nowhere near professional level. I don't have the health or the mindset to be in the top tier competitive play. I get demoralized easily, and I can be very skittish when push comes to shove. That said, I still do enjoy a challenging game, especially with players that are better than me so that I might be able to learn and become a more skillful player myself through experience.

3. I think it's likely trying to get players to become hardcore by offering rewards, prestige, and glory.

4. I most definitely hyper focus when I play League of Legends. A moment's distraction can mean the difference between life and death. It's intense and exciting like a fighting game mixed with a tactical and rpg game.

5. I prioritize a bit of both really. Winning and fun often go hand in hand, and as such I don't play against other players as frequently. However when I do, I try to just have fun with it because anticipating what another player might do is all the more thrilling.

6. I *always* utilize builds and strategies, sometimes of my own design, sometimes I even research builds other people use.

7. I'd have to say that people taking the game too seriously can often detract from this fun? League of Legends is a very competitive game, and that means it can bring out the best and the worst in people. The tribunal tries to weed it out as best they can, but you have to remember that we're only human.

8. I love playing with new people because it can add a challenge to an otherwise normally simple bot game. I enjoy teaching people the ropes because everyone is greenie to start off. Unfortunately most people *don't* have much patience for newer players, and even I will have less patience in the pvp setting.

9. I'd have to say more of the simply playing, though I do enjoy the rankings quite a bit.

10. I like the challenge, I like the recognition, and I like the rewards that go with it.

11. I like the tournaments and competitive play but... boot camps? That's news to me. Korea really takes their video games seriously.

12. I tend to think it's relatively well balanced. Usually it will adjust accordingly so that you're paired up with other available players in a pvp setting where you'll usually win about 50% of your matches because you'll be paired with or against people of your skill level.

13. Hahahaha... oh wait you're serious? Okay, so there are a lot of things that are fairly balanced with the game. For instance a skillful player will oftentimes find unique ways to use abilities people don't generally think of, and Riot is constantly updating and balancing the game. However nothing is perfect, and certain champions that get used a lot are likely to see a nerf or change if they're overpowering. This can be a good thing but it can also really suck if you *liked* the way the champion was before and now you're struggling to make sense of a champion that has been completely reworked. (Don't get me started on Soraka) The summoner spells tend to be fairly balanced, but a lot of people take flash because it's sort of like their safety net. It's likely the most versatile of the summoner spells though not always the most powerful summoner spell. However certain champions, items, abilities and summoner spells fall into a bit of a "DO NOT USE THIS" category. It's not even that they're necessarily bad, just not as good as it could be. Examples of this are items like the banner of command, ohmweraker, sword of the divine, or executioner's calling. They are not bad items by any means, but they're usually rather specific to the point where they rarely ever see use, and their power levels are very much between the cheap and easy stage and the god tier all my gold is gone tier of items. Certain summoner spells like clairvoyance or ghost don't always see as much use either because there are items that can serve relatively the same purpose.

14. I'm... uncertain. I would love to see more lore to some of my champions because some of it is really good... but at the same time the completely retconned a bunch fo the existing lore in favor of sparkly new story telling which I was not in favor of. I would LOVE to see League of Legends expand a bit more with more maps, more types of ways to play things, and really come out of the chess death cage match tournaments usually are. With chess there are only so many positions that can exist on a board, and as such there's technically always a right way to win, which I sometimes feel can be the case with professional fighting games. Without any sort of variables there is little random factor involved to give either side the upper hand simply by chance. That's a good thing in competitive game play, but doesn't exactly open up to casual audiences. Perhaps if they had some more carefree modes where random buffs could fall from the sky letting a champion become 14th level for 10 seconds, but afterwards they're turned into a powerless squid? Heck, probably the most popular game mode they ever came out with was called URF, or Ultra Rapid Fire mode, where everyone could spam out their abilities and attacks almost willy nilly! There's so much Riot COULD do with the game, but they seem to have a one track mind of making new champions, fixing up older stages and champions, releasing new skins and sales, and occasionally a new game mode or two to be tested out. The game mode I play most is ARAM which starts you off with a champion chosen completely at random from your roster and the free champions of the week. All your team mates and foes also have random champions. That can be really very fun! Nobody takes it as serious because there's the luck of the draw, and as such you don't have to focus so much on excelling or letting down yourself and your teammates. I have dozens of ideas that Riot could implement to the game, like adding a map that's two giant pirate ships facing off against one another, the turrets being replaced by cannons, the objective being to destroy the enemy ship's main sail or something of that nature. Another great map would be a castle siege, where you have castle turrets on one side, and catapults on the other, perhaps the objective nexus being inside the throne room, whereas the objective nexus of the besieging team is in a war tent. You could make them different sizes so you could start having teams of 2v2, 4v4, 6v6, or even massive 12v12 for a truly epic castle siege game. Obviously certain champions would have to be altered for such a matchup, or ults that target the whole team might rule supreme. Another mode you could have is a cutthroat free for all wild jungle fight, where everyone is a foe, and you have to climb your way to power by vanquishing your enemies, fighting monsters, and becoming king of the forest/mountain/hill/whatever. I like that League of Legends has so many champions, I love that they're always thinking of more champions they can introduce because it makes them so interesting in that they offer something for nearly everone. There are so many champions to chose from, so many different personalities, loyalties, friendships, rivalries, you're almost BOUND to find a champion you'll absolutely adore. Yet I feel like with how much the game has grown there's still so much more room for it to grow into something bigger, better, and more amazing than anyone has ever seen before. They have an entire world of lore to work with, so many settings and battles they could utilize, and so many things they could do to improve an already fantastic game.

15. Personal additional comments: I love League of Legends, I love Riot as a company because they're very friendly. There are still many, many things I would like to do to improve, or at least see improved with League of Legends. One last final note... RIOT DAMMIT!! FIX SORAKA! YOU STRANGLED HER, BROKE HER SOUL, SOLD HER VITAL ORGANS ON THE BLACK MARKET, AND REPLACED THEM WITH DYSFUNCTIONAL DECAYING- *cough* I mean uh... Please look into reworking her current rework? With that said, Sona's Q need a bit of help while her W probably needs a *slight* nerf. Both of these characters are supposed to be able to be mages as well as supports, and they cannot function as mages anymore, and are very outclassed as supports at the moment. That said, I usually don't have too much to complain about, and I find League of Legends to be one of my favorite ongoing hobbies at the moment.

Muse List

Oct. 3rd, 2013 10:09 am
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This is probably something I should have done a bajillion ages ago! But here it is, my Muse List~! For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, this is where I list most of the different characters I've played in RP and their respective accounts. You can always feel free to send a private message to any of the journals you'd feel like playing with, and on occasion I'll even bring muses out of retirement if the interest is strong enough.

Baldur's Gate II
Minsc and Boo [personal profile] hamster_berserker (Retired)
Haer'Dalis [personal profile] haerdalis (Semi-Retired)
Imp 1 [personal profile] imp_1 (Retired)

Cleric Quintet
Danica Bonaduce [personal profile] danica_bonaduce

Ariel [personal profile] part_of_your_world
Kaa (fem) [personal profile] jungle_seductress

Fairy Tail
Erza Scarlet [personal profile] erza_scarlet
Erza Knightwalker [personal profile] erza_knightwalker Semi-Retired
Gajeel Redfox [personal profile] gajeel_redfox
Gray Fullbuster [personal profile] cold_and_gray (Semi-Retired)
Happy [personal profile] aye_happy
Happy Sensei [personal profile] happy_sensei
Lucy Heartfilia [personal profile] lucy_heartfilia
Master Makarov [personal profile] master_makarov (Retired)
Mirajane Strauss [personal profile] mira_strauss
Natsu Dragneel [personal profile] son_of_igneel
Romeo Conbolt [personal profile] romeo_conbolt
Wendy Marvell [personal profile] wendy_marvell

Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon
Caeda [personal profile] caeda
Nagi/Naga [personal profile] divine_dragon

Fire Emblem Blazing Sword
Karel [personal profile] sword_demon

Fire Emblem 9-10
Ilyana [personal profile] ilyana
Gatrie [personal profile] gatrie (Semi-Retired)
Lethe [personal profile] tsundere_catgirl
Ashnard [personal profile] ashnard (Retired)
Reyson [personal profile] the_last_heron
Nealuchi [personal profile] very_old_crow
Naesala [personal profile] king_kilvas
Duke Oliver of Tannis [personal profile] duke_oliver
Heather [personal profile] whisper_in_my_ear
Sothe [personal profile] dawn_ninja

Fire Emblem Awakening
Anna [personal profile] i_love_money (Semi-Retired)
Cordelia [personal profile] unrequited_lover (Quiet)
Donnel [personal profile] dreadfarmboydonnel (Semi-Retired)
Gregor [personal profile] gregor (Retired)
Maribelle [personal profile] grizzly_tea
Child Maribelle [personal profile] little_belle (Semi-Retired)
Tharja [personal profile] dark_stalker
Owain [personal profile] sword_hand_twitches (Semi-Retired)
Gerome [personal profile] dark_wyvern_lord
Gaius [personal profile] sweettooth_gaius
Stahl [personal profile] stahled_for_time
Sully [personal profile] kickass_cavalier New!
Walhart [personal profile] walhart_the_conqueror (Retired)
Lissa [personal profile] princess_lissa
Severa [personal profile] severe_severa
Robin (male) [personal profile] time_to_tip_the_scales
Robin (female) [personal profile] grima_bane
Naga [personal profile] divine_dragon
Nowi [personal profile] duck_duck_dragon

Miroku [personal profile] carpal_wind_tunnel

League Of Legends
Sona Buvele [personal profile] voiceless_song (Retired)
Gentleman Cho'gath [personal profile] gentleman_chogath (Semi-Retired)
Ahri [personal profile] foxy_seductress

Samus Aran [personal profile] chozon_one

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou
Kimihito Kurusu [personal profile] monster_bait

One Piece
Brook [personal profile] tapdancinskelly (Very Retired)
Vista [personal profile] flower_sword_vista (Semi-Retired)
Kumadori [personal profile] biofeedbackhair (Semi-Retired)
Marco [personal profile] im_a_phoenix

Original Character
Zagoroth the shadow dragon [personal profile] zagoroth (Retired)
MooseChangerPat (Me... it's a joke account people) [personal profile] moosechangerpat
Juliet [personal profile] juliet_the_bard
Amber [personal profile] precious_amber

Persona 4
Teddie [personal profile] beary_nice

Phineas and Ferb
Heinz Doofenshmirtz [personal profile] what_a_doof (Semi-Retired)

Lance [personal profile] dragons_lance (Retired)
Jigglypuff [personal profile] jigglypuffpuff
Touko/Hilda [personal profile] white_girl

Ranma 1/2
Ryoga Hibiki [personal profile] might_be_a_pig (Semi-Retired)

Renkin 3-kyū Magical? Pokān
Liru [personal profile] liru

Rune Factory 4
Leon [personal profile] leo_leo
Forte [personal profile] its_my_forte

Praetor Fenix [personal profile] praetor_fenix (Semi-Retired)

Urusei Yatsura
Ataru Moroboshi [personal profile] thegreatataru (Semi-Retired)

Zero no Tsukaima
Hiraga Saito [personal profile] arf_arf

I have five categories of muses
Active (I still play them part of full time in memes and such)
Retired (I don't play them anymore, but I hold onto them for sentimental value and in case they come back. Might play upon request)
Semi-Retired (Not currently playing, they can be requested but may be rusty or on the verge of retirement.)
New (These muses are brand new, so might not be as IC as I'm still possibly learning the voice, but are usually very active.)
Quiet (Almost the same as active, except they haven't seen as much use in a while, and I may have had to drop certain threads.)

Here is my Plurk for those of you who don't have it or can't find it. [ profile] MooseChangerPat


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